How it works?


Setting up your online fundraiser truly couldn't be easier! After all, we want fundraising to be FUN, not complicated!

Here's what will happen first:

We will collect some basic information about your women's charity or sports team. We will then take that information and create a unique link to the fantastic Hip Chix online jewelry fundraising website.

Now, this is when it starts getting really fun!

You will be emailed your unique link as well as your Group Leader login information. With this login you have the power to track the success of your fundraiser at any time you desire.

The party doesn't stop there! Next stop - social media epicenter....


The beauty of an online fundraiser is that it allows you to reach donors near and far! Just think of the possibilities of that... no more lost catalogs and order sheets; your fundraiser is proudly stationed at the fingertips of the world wide web!

Feeling really excited now? Here is one more thing to bring on the joy... no up front costs, zero! Yup, absolutely no collecting orders, money or delivering product... We do all the leg work for you, leaving you time for that cup of tea and novel you've been meaning to read!

The sparkling key to success will be your members sharing your unique link with their friends / family via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as through email... it's as easy as that guys!

If your charity has a website, you'll want to put the unique link on your site to drive traffic to your fantastic online fundraiser. If you have a very large member base and would like your fundraiser to go indefinitely, we can look into doing this with you.

Oh, and don't worry; WE HELP YOU with all of the above and we promise this is going to be a breezy fun time!.

3.EARN 40% to 50% PROFIT

Alright, now the icing on the cake!

You and your members have promoted your online jewelry fundraiser and now it's time to collect! For all fundraisers that had total sales of $2,000 or less, you will receive a minimum of 40%. If your group raised $2,000 or more your women's charity receives a minimum of 50% from each order! Woohoo!

At the triumphant end of your fundraiser, we will provide the Group Leader with a list of all participants, along with their contact information so you can effortlessly follow up and thank them for supporting your one of a kind fundraiser!

Okay, that sums it up! It's time to get started...your uncommonly cool fundraiser success is literally just a click away.