Dance Team Fundraiser

Dance team is one of the most expensive sports out there.

The uniforms alone are very expensive, especially since you have to have them custom-made for each dancer, and often they have several different uniforms for different situations.

Add in travel expenses, music, and any equipment they might need, and the prices stack up pretty quickly.
Dance Team Fundraising

Coming up with fundraising ideas for dance teams is pretty much essential if you want your dance team to be able to stay alive year after year, but itís not always easy to know which fundraising ideas for dance teams will suit your situation and your monetary needs.

If youíre looking for the right fundraising ideas for dance teams, youíll want to keep in mind the energy and enthusiasm of your fundraising team.

Dancers are some of the most energetic people out there, and thatís going to come across to their supporters when they do their fundraising. With that in mind, youíll want to choose fundraisers that are fun and youthful, like they are.

If you expect that the dancers will be reaching out into the larger community to do their fundraising, then you might want to take a slightly different approach.
Fundraising Video

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