Unique Fundraising Idea, Right Here!

The old grandfather clock is ticking like a impending time bomb, it's 2:33 a.m., Sierra is exhausted, yet her quest for a one of a kind, unique fundraising idea that DOES NOT involve sugar, seems to fall farther and farther from her grasp.

Sierra is an avid animal lover, her heart beats wildly for every furry, feathered friend. Her desire to do her part in saving the endangered species of the world is her undeterred mission, but... she is now unbelievably tired.

With frustration, Sierra lets out an exasperated wail call, causing her paranoid roommate to glance up. She waves quickly with a smile, confirming she is not, in fact, an abducting alien. Her roommate sighs, falling back into her sweet dreams.

Continuing with her passion for victory that cannot be quenched, Sierra rubs her eyes, sips her coffee and turns back to the now numbing glow of her computer screen. The results for "unique fundraising idea" seem ridiculously stone age as she traverses on.

Then, like a glowing beacon of light in the dark, she finds it, the coolest, most unique fundraising idea around. She lets out a stifled, mouse like squeal at the glorious words of hipchixfundraisers.com.

Pages follow of sparkling jewelry she knows, without a doubt, no female can resist. Sierra can hardly believe her eyes at the simplicity of this glorious site.

Like a fundraising hero, the site takes care of product showcasing, order placement AND payments to boot. With their vast array of breathtaking jewelry and efficient layout, this unique fundraising idea has just won Sierra's ever-beating heart! On top of all of this, Sierra could not be happier about the paper that will be saved by using this fantastic, online fundraiser.

She feels like she could fly from the joy of this discovery, her happy level soaring to brand new heights, finally, she can proudly do her part in saving breathtaking snow tigers, endearing panda bears and stunning black panthers...finally her unique fundraising idea dreams have been made true!

To experience your own euphorically unique fundraising idea, visit www.hipchixfundraisers.com, and find out, just like Sierra did, how great fundraising can truly be!

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