Why Online Fundraising Beats Catalog Fundraising Every Time

You work hard...you play hard... wouldn't it be great if fundraising could be a total breeze? We sure think so!

Well, if you are approaching the world of fundraising, we thought there was something you should know that will make your journey to money raising a absolutely thrilling success! Online fundraising takes the cake, wins the gold, is the "creme de la creme" of choice over ordinary fundraising. Why do we think so? Let's begin!

First off, let your mind wander back to days gone by, to those glorious days of lore, remember those school catalogs sheets, those boxes of candy bars that got "accidentally" backed over by your dad's car? Remember those money collecting envelopes you lost on MORE than one occasion, sending your mother into panic frenzies only nightmares know?

Or how about that sale's sheet your niece gave you that you had to shamefully return after the great coffee spill of 2006, or that frustrating time your neighbor's "slightly rebellious" son creatively made your order of 2 into an order of...13 (sigh), we do!

The easy breezy world of online fundraising saves you ALL of those nightmares, offering ridiculously easy promo ability, mind-blowing simple transactions and refreshingly effortless sales records every single time!

We know it sounds too good to be true, and you're probably shedding a dreamer's tear as we speak, but this is truly the awesomeness online fundraising brings!

For example, at hipchixfundraisers.com, you will find one of the most incredible, easy breezy simple, one of a kind fundraisers around.

No more dragging around catalogs and no more messing with product distributing and record keeping!

Hipchixfundraiser.com does ALL of that for you and fills your fundraising pockets with green backs!

So seriously, if you're done with the madness regular fundraising can bring, give online fundraising a try!
Work hard, play hard and practically dream your fundraising woes away!

Stephanie Schneider | Posted On 03 2015 Tagged | Online Fundraising, Fundraisers, Fundraising Websites, Unique Fundraising Ideas, Fundraising Sites


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