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Fundraising for non-profit organizations can either make or break an organization. Today, non-profits must compete in an intensively competitive environment to attract funding, and finding a unique fundraising idea is paramount. With new organizations springing up constantly, this has left many underfunded. For this reason, non-profit organizations have to use all of the fundraising tools at their disposal, including the Internet.

With a variety of ways to fundraise, including: charitable auctions, direct online selling, e-mail fundraising campaigns, charity malls where commission from sales provided by merchants are donated to non-profit organizations, and the ease of online donations, non-profits are becoming more and more Internet savvy.

Developing a Non-Profit Fundraiser

The development of a fundraising plan to bolster non-profit organizations requires multiple steps. The first step is for the organization to identify their monetary goal. Once this is established, the organization can then determine which type of fundraiser is most appropriate for them. Many of todays non-profits are beginning to realize that the Internet is both an effective and efficient means of fundraising and quickly develop their plan around this technology.

Yet, despite the fact that the Internet is pervasive in society today, it is still underutilized as a fundraising outlet for non-profits. Several major Internet businesses offer non-profit organizations methods of accepting online donations. As an example, eBays Giving Works has two ways for organizations to make money. In the first method, Direct Selling, the organization may sell items on the site, much like their other auctions conducted by individuals and businesses. The second method, Community Selling, involves others donating a portion or the entire amount of their sale of items to the non-profit organization.

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