Fundraising Online

Hip Chix online jewelry fundraiser makes raising money for your charity simple and fun!

Everything is online so your fundraiser will take place over the internet through a custom URL created specific to your charity.
There's no need to carry catalogs, collect money or deliver product, we do it for you!

Once you have your URL your members and or team mates can share it with their friends and family near and far! This is done through email and social media. If you have a website, you can create a link from there too. Need help with the email or social media links? No problem, we can get you started!

Watch The Sales Come In...

Once your group sends out your email and unique Hip Chix website URL, your friends and family will go to the site and shop.
Since everyone will visit the Hip Chix website through your unique URL (don't forget this link is unique to your fundraiser and is just for your charity) we'll know that sale should be attributed to your fundraiser.

With every purchase made through your website URL, your fundraiser will receive a minimum of 40%! Want even more? Each fundraiser with combined total sales of $2,000 or more will receive an extra 10% of each purchase. That's a total of 50% of each sale to your group!
You will receive a user ID and password to login and track your fundraiser.

As soon as we start to receive orders from your fundraiser, Hip Chix will process them and mail the items directly to each person.
Once your fundraiser reaches its designated end date, Hip Chix will mail a check directly to your group!

You'll also be provided with a complete list of the names, e-mail addresses and contact information of the people who participated in your fundraising campaign.
Fundraising truly doesn't get any easier than this!

Call us today to get started!


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