Cheerleading Fundraisers

Congratulations, you made the cheerleading team! Seeing your name on that list for the first time is one the most memorable days youíll haveÖ Good times are ahead, but also a lot of work; especially when it comes to raising enough money for a successful yearÖ Cheerleading camp, competition, uniforms, the costs can add up; but the good news is, we have an easy fundraising idea your friends and family are sure to love!

Hip Chix Fundraisers is one of the best online fundraisers, and was created specifically with cheerleaders in mind. Our unique fundraiser is to cheerleading teams, what Girl Scout cookies are to Girl Scouts, your go to fundraiser!

Here are the top 5 reasons why Hip Chix Fundraisers is your perfect online fundraiser:

1. Everyone loves trendy jewelry (ok, almost everyone)

What better way to raise money than to sell jewelry? Most women love jewelry, couple that with helping a good cause and you have the perfect fundraiser for this female dominated sport. The girls love it, Moms love it and your friends and family love it too; this in itself makes Hip Chix the perfect fundraiser for Cheerleading Teams!

2. Itís online

Our fundraiser is fully hosted online. Online fundraisers are currently growing in popularity, offering wider options, reduced cost, time, and of course, an opportunity for all your friends and family from across the country to participate. Share your campaign through social media and email and let the trendy jewelry do the rest!

3. Itís absolutely free to start

Yes, you heard right - there are no upfront costs, associated with setting up a fundraising campaign on Hip Chix. We know finding a unique fundraising idea can be hard, finding an easy fundraiser that is free to set up is your holy grail! With Hip Chix, starting your own fundraiser has never been easier and more fun, and our dedicated team will be with you helping every step of the way.

4. Get up to 50% profit

Hip Chix Fundraising offers you between 40% and 50% of every sale made. So, the more successful your fundraiser is, the more successful your cheerleading fundraiser will be!

5. Cheerleaders are role models

Letís face it, Cheerleaders are trend setters so if youíre wearing hip chix trendy jewelry your classmates will want it too! So many fundraisers focus on products the cheerleaders themselves canít use (scratch cards, gift wrap, etc.) so itís hard for the team to really get behind the fundraising effort. The best cheerleading fundraiser is one that offers a product the cheerleaders themselves can enjoy, the beauty of Hip Chix easy online fundraiser is the Cheerleaders themselves will love it!

Letís get started and create your next successful fundraising campaign!

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