How To Raise Money For Your Fundraiser

Online fundraising for charities and non-profit organizations (even school fundraisers) are becoming more and more popular. When done properly Ė and with a bit of creative touch Ė they can not only be extremely successful, but also fun for everyone involved!

The next time youíre planning a fundraiser follow these guidelines to help ensure your success:

1. Set your goals and establishing a deadline. You need to think big but realistic. Be a visionary and set goals that will encourage members to participate but not overwhelm them.

2. Create your fundraising message. The more creative and inspirational the better! Tell everyone what the money is needed for. Include pictures and personal stories that people can relate to. It should be emotional and compelling, yet easy to understand. But remember, peopleís attention span is generally short, especially when it comes to web marketing. Make sure that your message is concise and intriguing enough to hold their attention.

3. Have a clear call to action in your message but make sure itís a bite-sized amount. Tell them exactly how they can help and what their help means to you.

4. If youíre selling products which profits will later go to your charity organizations, include some well-lit clear images of them. Visual content always works best!

5. Make sure your message is shareable and you are utilizing social media platforms. Encourage every group member, friend and family member to share your fundraiser. Take advantage of the biggest strengths of online marketing: its speed. Your non-profitís message can be spread in a matter of seconds.

6. Put a link to your online fundraiser on your website. If you have sponsors ask them to help promote the fundraiser by sharing your link on their site. The key with online is how much you can share the link with others.

7. Donít be afraid to use your iPad or smart phone like a catalog to get orders on the spot. Pull up your fundraising page and show it to your friends and family. Ask for their support in-person and sit with them while they shop. Their participation is more likely if you ask in-person and have the link pulled up and ready for them to place an order.

8. Another great idea especially for Cheerleading Fundraisers (really any sports team fundraiser) is to have the members bring their iPad or smart phones to the game and set up a fundraising table to promote the fundraiser. Let people browse the items on your device (while youíre with them of course) and allow them to make a purchase then and there. If itís a good online fundraiser, it will have an easy and fast check out process.

9. Set up a schedule to promote your fundraiser. How often will you post it on your wall or send out a tweet, how many email blasts will you do? We recommend you post something at least every 48 hours throughout the fundraiser. Give updates and remember to give your call to action. Be sure to come up with multiple messages to share. It will be critical to keep your fundraiser top of mind and to promote it multiple times.

10. Lastly, follow up with supporters and say thank you! The beauty of online fundraising is itís easy to collect data. Your fundraising company should be able to share a list of participants with you. Follow up with that list and give an update on the fundraiser with images of what was accomplished. People love to see the results of their effort!

There you have it, the 10 steps to a successful fundraiser. To start the Hip Chix Online Jewelry Fundraiser visit us at

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