Cheer Fundraisers

We know how hard cheerleaders work for their sport. All that hard work has paid off and now you have to raise funds to travel to a competition. Family and friends are willing to help with fundraising and Hip Chix Fundraisers makes this process easy and fun!

Cheerleading is one of the most popular sports in the country. From school squads to competitive gyms to drill teams and even professional teams, we work with them all. In fact, the costs associated with cheer squads are some of the most significant that we have seen. Uniforms, accessories, equipment, travel expenses, tournament fees are just a few of the costs. Some of the All-Star Cheerleading teams we work with need to fundraiser throughout the year just to survive.

We are here to help in any way we can. Our programs are designed for groups that have limited funds in the bank. There is NO MONEY needed upfront to get started with our fundraiser.

Cheerleaders Are Resourceful and Will Find A Way To Be Successful. Your team can debate and think of great ideas or they can use Hip Chix Fundraisers proven system for raising funds with our easy fundraising idea. Cheerleaders also have a lot of contacts in the community, so your fundraiser will likely see a good turnout.

When your cheerleading squad decides to put on a fundraiser, you want to make sure that you are choosing one that will net you the most profit. For most fundraisers this will mean that you need to do everything, or at least most things, yourself. Stay away from fundraisers that require a lot of money upfront and will only net you 20%-30% profit.

Also stay away from ones that will take up a lot of time, especially if you are fundraising for a trip or event. The reason for this is because you may not be able to collect the money that you need before the event happens, and the last thing you want to do is to disappoint the whole cheerleading team.

Instead, find fundraisers that are fun and easy to do, and get the girls involved. They will love to participate, especially if it involves taking leadership.

Tips For The Best Fundraising Success

The number one tip to make your fundraiser a success is to let everyone be involved. Too often, there are kids that get left out in the cold when it comes to participation, so let them step forward and offer their ideas. You might be pleasantly surprised at what they come up with! Our digital fundraisers allow easy participation by young and old and allow for maximum exposure through email and web pages

Try not to do everything yourself. You do not want to be paying out extra money when you do not need to. Ask for sponsors to promote your Hip Chix Fundraisers on their websites or in their stores. We have a hotline available for any questions before during and after your fundraiser.

It is free to join and is open to the public, and it is great exposure for your cheerleaders. Help them have a stress free year with the help of the community, friends and family .

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